Patrick Money

Patrick was born in Mantova , a small Italian city in the Lombardia region, a culinary destination . His American dad and Italian mother meet in the beautiful nearby city of Verona.
Started working in the restaurant industry at the age of 17, during the summer while on break from attending the culinary school program in Brescia.

After graduating, he worked between bakeries and hotels in the summer destinations of Sirmione, Lake Garda. Always passionate about traveling and be exposed different culture, at the age of 21 he moved to Barcelona for 6 months where he worked as a cook for a local Italian restaurant. After returning to Italy for a year he decided to take the opportunity and go visit his father and create a life aboard in the USA.

With 10 years of experience between Miami, Atlanta and San Diego, he worked hard and gained experience. From working with Buckhead life group in Atlanta, where he landed his first Sous chef job, to cover a junior sous chef position at Cucina enoteca in Delmar or been in charge of the kitchen as the Executive Chef at the new started Italian eatery Cesarina in Point Loma.
He is very passionate and grew up with his nonna which transmitted him the passion for baking, pizza and fresh pasta.

Notorious tortellini thief from a young age, he recall how much important were those pasta and baking sessions with nonna in order to develop his culinary taste and food memories.

Other hobbies include traveling, hiking and training jiu jitsu. Always leaving time for trying new restaurant and breweries that our beautiful San Diego has to offer.
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