Andrea Burrone

Born in Turin in 1990, Andrea is an HR expert who specializes in the foodservice industry. He fell in love with San Diego — and with his wife — during an academic semester at SDSU. After graduating summa cum laude and receiving his M.Sc. in business management from Bocconi University, taking part in an international community development program in Russia with the global leadership platform AIESEC, and becoming an HR recruiter and consultant, Andrea decided to follow his passion and enter the restaurant business.

He has been passionate about food since his childhood when he assisted his grandfather in wine making and vegetable gardening. Andrea contributes to Milano Five Group LLC by supervising and managing all the operations related to the stores’ BOH, building deep supplier relationships, scouting the best italian ingredients (Ambrogio15 is proudly a selected partner of Petra Flour with Molino Quaglia) and making sure all kitchens’ staff is performing in the happiest work environment. His lifetime goal is to introduce ‘Bagna Cauda’ in one of the company’s menus, so that he will finally be the happiest piedmont guy in U.S. soil 🙂
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